En hälsning från Tanzania

25 december, 2018 av admin

Vår kårkamrat och ledarkollega Kyong Bin Cho har nyligen varit och deltagit på ett scoutläger i Tanzania, på Association des Scouts du Burundi. Han skickar oss en hälsning…

Just back from a couple of nights camping at East African Competition with scouts attending from all of East Africa. Well, Kenyans and Brundians mostly, a couple of Tanzanian and Ugandan troops. One Ugandan troop was apparently turned back at the border after some ordeal. Rwandans never made it through either. Realities of the political situation over here. And the Ethiopians… nobody seems to care where they are. A new encounter for me was South Sudan, a young nation that are building up their scout movement as well. My ”Flying Coffin” tent was apparently something of a rarity in this part of the world, it generated quite some interest.